Chapter 20

The Bible

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What is the meaning of the name “Bible”?

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Over what period of time were the books of the Bible written?

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Injil is the name for the Gospel of Jesus in what language?

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What message did God instruct Jonah to deliver to the Ninevites?

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What metaphor did Jesus use as a “sign” to describe His future crucifixion, burial, and resurrection when he was challenged to prove his authority?

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Over how many days did Jesus appear to His disciples after the resurrection?

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In the Parable of the Sower the seed is the word of God. What type of ground represents those who hear, accept, and apply the message of God to their lives?

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What is the meaning of “Christ”?

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What does the Bible say constitutes a crucial element of our obligations in order to obtain forgiveness of our sins?

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What are the Apocryphal texts?

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