Coronavirus (Covid-19)

The coronavirus is one of the most contagious viruses that the world has ever encountered. Important strides have been made in the battle against the deadly virus and Covid-19. Current vaccines have demonstrated a high degree of efficacy, and safety profile. The benefits significantly outweigh the potential risks. The virus has been partially contained in some societies, but nowhere has it been stopped or eradicated. It is premature to spike the ball and claim victory before we cross the goal line.

There are many communities, counties, cities and countries where the threats of the coronavirus, the delta variant, and other potential mutations continue to grow. We all remain in the eye of the storm, and cannot afford to drop our guard. Public health and scientific experts have the responsibility to provide clear, unambiguous and reliable epidemiological and research data to guide the decision making of governments, authorities, and individuals alike. The world is a global village.  The pandemic is a global threat, and the solution requires a global effort. Wealthier nations have a responsibility to help and support the public health resources of less affluent societies.  No one country can be truly free of covid-19 until the whole world is free. Then, and only then can we collectively shout “Thank God, Mission Accomplished.”

We should remember the preventive measures that we can continue to take to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus and its multiple variants and mutations, and protect our self, family, friends, and community.

1. Use of a close fitting face mask that fully covers the nose, mouth, and chin. A face shield alone does not meet these criteria.

2. Proper hygiene with hand washing using soap and water, and where available use of a sanitizer.

3. Physical spacing, which is my preferred terminology, but is better known as social distancing.

4. Avoidance of crowds.

5. Staying informed and up to date with medical and regulatory guidelines. Misinformation can be very harmful, so stick with reputable sources of information such as the sites provided below.

Be well and be safe. We are all in this together. We all breathe the same air. We are each other’s keepers!

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