Chapter 27

Obedience to God

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How did God test Abraham’s faith?

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Who did God instruct Noah to bring into the ark?

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Who obeyed God’s instruction to confront Pharaoh and lead the Israelites out of bondage in Egypt?

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An army of how many men did God instruct Judge Deborah to command Barak to gather to ensure victory over Jabin’s commander Sisera,?

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What was Mary’s response when told by angel Gabriel that she would conceive and bear a son?

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What did the angel of the Lord tell Joseph in a dream when he found that his betrothed Mary was with child?

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Who learned from Paul what God required of them, got baptized, and became the first European convert to Christianity?

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What message did God instruct Jonah to deliver to the Ninevites which he initially tried to flee from, but later obeyed?

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Who overcame temptation, endured pain, suffering, and ridicule, and remained steadfast in obedience to God, even in the face of imminent death?

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Whose faith and obedience to God guided her to witness the crucifixion of Jesus, stayed until the burial, and later returned to the tomb with the intention of anointing the body, only to find it empty?

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